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·Operates with 2 sensors (antennas) e.g. one for entry, one for exit  
·Comes with 2 relays and 2 input lines e.g. to detect door-status switches  
·Internal clock used for timer switch or to time restrict entrance  
·Runs autonomous and needs no permanent connection to a PC server.  
High system reliability, since it does not depend on any central controller.  
·Records user movement (what person was when at this sensor), can be read out later on by PC  
·User movement can be forwarded via RS485-bus to PC-server to be displayed by workstations.  
·Option: each reader module can control up to 64 relays when using 4 relay units  
·Comes with many special security functions  

Block Diagram  
Identification-System (RFID)
·contactless TIRIS Transponder (card or keyring tag)  
·Reading distance with Card Transponders max. 200mm (80") with active transponders up to 1.5m (590")  
·Handles up to 1400 transponder for each module.  
·Each transponder code is unique (64 bit) and cannot be changed  
·Special edition: 10m reading distance by using new innovative active transponder technology  

Dual Sensor
·Built-in antenna or  
·Max 15m detachable Sensors (Antenna) embedded in a light switch housing or exclusive name- / company-plate.  
·Each sensor can control its own relay  

·Two relays with two-way contact (4A / 250V~) minimal required current: 10mA @ 5V  
·2 low voltage inputs internally pulled up by resistors to 12V. Are activated by pulling to ground. Allowed voltage range: 0..20V DC  

·uses RS485-Bus (2 signal lines plus ground) max. length 3000m  
·connects all module to PC server  
·up to 200 modules at one branch (number of branches unlimited)  
Each branch is terminated by a RS485-, TCP/IP- or Modem-Interface.  
·Recommended cable: CAT-5  
·Used to forward data of detected user movements to PC-server.  
·Used to remote control relays in modules  
·Remote configuration of modules  

·Configuration data is stored non volatile in EEPROM  
·Simple on-site configuration by using master card (no PC required)  
·On-site configuration by IR remote control (no PC required)  
·3S KeyManager (software) for a quick and easy set up of entitlements (permission of who may enter when and where) for all modules  
·Configuration data are transferred to / from module via RS485-Bus  

·each module records the latest (max. 3200) granted admissions (person and time), can be read out later on by 3S KeyManager  
·requires a master card for on-site configuration  
·Antenna failure will be displayed at the module and can be signaled via RS485-Bus or relay.  
·Provides sabotage contacts to be included in an alert loop line that signals when module case is opened  

Power supply

·12V DC +/-25% ca. 100mA  
Temperature Range
·-10° .. +50° Celsius  
·robust water proof IP65 case 130 x 80 x 35 mm  

Special Functions for Security
·Air Lock feature: Keeps door #2 locked whilst door #1 is opened.  
·Repeated Entry Lock (Anti-Pass-Back): Repeated access with the same transponder is prevented within a programmable period of time.  
·Dual Person Assurance: Access granted only when 2 admitted persons have been identified within a short period of time.  
·Access Limitation: Entry denied when the number of persons in a room exceed a predefined amount.  
·Random feature e.g. for random personnel screening etc  

·Integrated Logic-Engine allows for fast realization of other customer-specific requirements  
·3-digit display used during on-site installation and displays operating status.  
·built-in beeper  
·Clock, precision: 70ppm  
·Lithium battery sustains clock operation during power outage for 200..2000 days