Standard Architecture
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Simple structure with 3 networked reader modules  

The PC is connected via RS485-Bus (length max. 3000m) to three reader modules. The sensor are separately connected by cable, the reader module can be mounted tamper-proof at a secure place, i.e. in the ceiling.  
Power supply and door opener are not shown for the sake of clarity.  
When using the Ethernet (TCP/IP) the RS485 interface box is replaced by the IP-interface box.  

Core component is the autonomous operating reader module that detects TIRIS transponder proximity cards. Two sensors (antennas) either built-in or detached and built into in a stylish name- or company-plate can be connected. When placing a transponder in front of the sensor, the reader module will detect it and if it has an entitlement stored for it, will then grant access by activating the relay for the door opener.

A simple stand alone system only needs a 12V DC supply voltage.

Larger systems with several reader modules are typically networked together in order to be maintained and controlled by 3S-KeyManager
a software on a PC workstation that is also connected to the bus. The bus is only required for exchanging data to / from the PC. Each reader module operates autonomous and is not dependent on any central controller and its related disadvantages. This ensures a highly reliable operation even in the unlikely event that other parts of the system should fail or loose their power supply. A disruption of the bus itself does not hamper the operation of the reader module, neither.

The modularity allows to set up any large systems by simply adding more reader modules to it. Thanks to its simple structure the process of installation simplifies considerably, as there is no need to wire any central controllers like in many other systems. Simply connect the 3-wire RS485 bus to each reader module in the same fashion and terminate the bus with the appropriate interface box that connects to the PC.

Access entitlements for the entire system are set up by using 3S-KeyManager
(PC-program) that is quite easy to operate. Even untrained users will quickly learn how to use it.